Fund a Donation Mask!
Fund a Donation Mask!
Fund a Donation Mask!

Fund a Donation Mask!

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If you don’t need a mask but want to help out, this listing is for you!

-There is no current open donation round. However, if this listing is purchased the masks funded will go towards the next donation round. See my instagram for past donation rounds already sent to their destinations

This listing will provide me the funds to cover the materials used to make a mask for donation. Please consider funding one...or more to continue the donation rounds from SewMuchMoreStore. Thank you for your help!

(Note, the price for the donation masks literally just covers my inventory cost of producing them with my shop materials. Please consider helping if you can. Thank you!

*Donation mask locations change weekly, please see my instagram for current donation locations that you would be sponsoring. If no current donation round is open your donation funding will go towards the next round.

This listing is not a physical product.

To see where your donation mask went, follow me on instagram for donation updates and shout outs to those who contributed!

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